NEWS - 04/11/02 IP-Upload 1.2.3 - FREEWARE

I made IP-Upload 1.2.xx releases now freeware. Because i don't have
to much time for support, coding etc.
I think it will be the last release for a longer period. I didn't get
much bugreports or suggestions for 1.2 so there are not much changes in this release.

Have fun with this FREEWARE

 NEWS - 28/10/01 FileBackup 1.0.1 First public release

I release this small backuptool, which i've written some time ago
and now added a new feature to it, to have it working in my office.
Now i release this for the public. You can put it in your startupfolder
to make daily backups of your files.

 NEWS - 28/10/01 DLLC4WGET 1.0.3

This version now handles exclamation marks in URLs.
Complete Setup or new exe-file can be found in the download section.

 NEWS - 05/08/01 PuTTY Management 1.0.6

I released version 1.0.6 of PuTTY Management.
The changes are only some bugfixes in the startup and shutdown of the program.
There are no new features included in this release.

 NEWS - 31/07/01 Screenshots + PuTTY Management Update

Today i added the screenshots for DLLC4WGET and PuTTY Management.
You can view it in the download area.
I also uploaded a new version of PuTTY Management (1.0.5).
This is mainly a Bugfixrelease, but now the "Remove Session" function works.

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